Wholesale Opportunities



The finest coffees grown on earth. We select nurtured, groomed coffee from family growers where quality is of the upmost importance. No compromise here.



We step back in time to roast the artisan-way. Our roasters manually blend and roast the raw coffees  by hand using sight, smell and time to ensure the perfect roast. No computer can replace a coffee-roasting enthusiast trained as Roaster extraordinaire. 



We are a full-service provider. We have equipment loaners available for our wholesale customers. We also have deep relationships with espresso manufacturers for discounted machine purchases which we pass onto our customers.



Comprehensive training. If our name is on the menu, the operator will be trained precisely on the proper techniques for pouring superior tasting beverages. After all, Caffe Appassionato is a superior tasting coffee.

Customer Service


It goes without saying that we are there when our wholesale customer needs us. We are a 24/7 operation be it coffee shortages, equipment malfunction or advice. We won’t let a customer be left without coffee, would we?  

Why Caffe Appassionato?


We stand out from an ordinary coffee. We have passion for what we do and the way we treat our customer. We form partnerships with them. Their success is our success. We become the coffee professional of their business while including them as part of our family business.