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Trademark Licensing Program

The Caffè Appassionato International Trademark Licensing Program

Over the years, the Caffè Appassionato and Austin Chase brands have developed loyal and strong customer followings, both in the United States and in international markets. Our passion for brewing the perfect cup of coffee, led us to develop our unique Caffè Appassionato Roasting Process™ -- con pazienza…roasted with patience for coffee with passion. We wanted to deliver a remarkable cup of coffee, possessing hearty taste and a captivating aroma We also sought to produce a coffee low in acidity and gentle on the stomach.

Along our journey, we found others who share our passion for great coffee and have become Trademark Licensees, with contractual rights to manufacture, market and sell superior quality products bearing the Caffè Appassionato and Austin Chase trademarks within specific marketing territories. In 2003, together with the hard work and dedication of our licensees, we will open the 50th store location in the Americas and in Asia, operating under the terms of a Trademark License Agreement. We are also working with several major food and beverage companies regarding the use of our coffees and our trademarks for their products.

Our Licensed Products Program is designed to build upon the strengths of our brand, our brand image, and our brand heritage, while always delivering against our commitment to superior quality and customer-focused service. Our well-established program offers our licensees guidelines, marketing ideas, training, consultation, collaborative promotions and premiums that will help new licensees successfully deploy and leverage our famous brands to achieve their objectives and grow their respective businesses.

Whether your objectives are for a single store license or a group of stores within a defined marketing territory, we would like to hear your ideas and to share our vision. Please contact us to learn more.

Coffee “For the customer buying a cup of coffee was to watch a dramatic performance. It was flattering to be able to sit and watch one’s own individual supply of coffee grounds being clamped into the machine which would use all of its hissing, steaming force to deliver one’s own personal cup of coffee.”
—E & J Bramah

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Stop by a one of our Caffè Appassionato licensed stores located in the Pacific Northwest and throughout the U.S. Our wonderful coffees are also served in Japan, the Philippines, and Malaysia. View the detailed list.

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To find out how to open your own Caffè Appassionato store, call (888) 502-2333 or send us e-mail. Coffee

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Caffè Appassionato is a proud member of the Washington Hospitality Association.

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