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Appassionato Roasting ProcessTM

The Appassionato Roasting Process™

At Caffè Appassionato, we believe roasting coffee is an art. Unlike many of the large coffee roasters, who believe technology can take the place of the human touch or that speed is more important than taste, we put our instinct and love of fine coffee into every bean we roast.

Some say this is a foolish way to do business. To them, we raise our coffee cups and say, “Have a taste!” Because we know our diligence and experimentation has paid off. Our commitment to producing a full-bodied, aromatic coffee that is gentle on the stomach led us to discover this perfect roasting process.

We invite you to enjoy the many coffee varietals roasted with this exclusive process. After just one sip, we think you will agree that this is the way good coffee was meant to be.


We use 100 percent, top-grade arabica beans selected carefully to assure quality. Our unique roasting method, the Appassionato Roasting Process, allows us to vary the time and temperature to produce a very low acid coffee with full-bodied flavor. Our process takes two to three times as long as methods used by conventional roasters. But our stomach-friendly coffee enables a lot of people to enjoy a cup or two who otherwise could not drink coffee.


Caffè Appassionato has built its reputation on the freshness of its coffee. We have chosen an expensive but very effective method of packaging our beans.

We understand the importance of receiving fresh coffee when the bag is opened. All of our coffees are packaged in airtight, one-way valve bags. Whole bean coffee will remain fresh for up to six months in these bags. The shelf life of ground coffee is approximately half that of whole bean coffee.
Coffee “I am truly charmed with this new invention. It only takes five minutes to make the coffee. It is true that it takes fifteen minutes to prepare my coffee pot.”
—From La Caricature Journal, France


Consistency is the utmost challenge to the roaster. Roasting and blending coffees is not just following a recipe. Even beans from the same plantation can change from season to season, causing fluctuation in the taste of the coffee.

At Caffè Appassionato, our roasters are constantly changing and adjusting the blends to maintain our signature flavor. Our hands-on roasting philosophy and technique gives us that ability.

Checking the Temperature
Releasing the Beans
Roasting the Beans
Spinning the Beans
Job Complete!

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