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The Art of Fine Coffee

Beethoven and the Fine Art of Coffee

Back in 1990 we knew the odds against starting a specialty coffee roasting company in the Pacific Northwest—a region we call the Napa Valley of coffee—were tremendous. But then, art in any form is always open to new possibilities. It was no accident that we named our company after Beethoven’s sonata, “Appassionata,” a piece of music written against all odds by an eighteenth century composer who could not hear a note he wrote. Coffee

Today, Ludwig van Beethoven is known the world over for his impassioned music. A lesser-known fact is that the maestro shared our passion for fine coffee and rarely composed without a hot, steaming cup at his side.

Like Beethoven, we felt passionate about our work. And like the Appassionata, the coffee we sought had to surround the senses while captivating the spirit.
Coffee Voltaires reply when his doctor described the grave harm that comes from the abuse of coffee, which acts as a real poison. “Well,” said Voltaire, “I have been poisoning myself for nearly eighty years.”

Rich, Aromatic, and Exquisite

Any coffee we put our name on had to possess remarkable taste. Yet we also sought a drink that was low in acidity and gentle on the stomach. We thought of it as a coffee that people could drink more of—and more people could drink.

Like the maestro, we practiced until we found perfection. And helping us along the way was our family and friends who graciously stood by us. Known loosely as our “quality control group,” they were our best allies, tasting anything we put before them and giving us an honest evaluation.

After months of raising the process of trial and error to new heights, we brought in the experts, and they agreed. A remarkable and unique roasting process had been born. We call it the Appassionato Roasting Process™, our secret for producing a coffee that is low in acid, full in body, rich in flavor, and possessing no bitter aftertaste.

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